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Call of Duty: Black Ops GamesCom demo gelekt!

De demo die wordt gegeven door Treyarch op GamesCom 2010 is gefilmt tijdens een demonstratie. Hier zie je de missie Breach.
De missie wordt als volgt beschreven:

At the Beginning you see how the Character enters a SR-71 that assists his comrades behind enemy lines. The Player Guides the GroundForces and informs about upcoming Enemys. By using Various Commands, you see various Scenarios. The Second part of the show , hasn’t been different in all shows we have seen. You Infiltrate a Russian MilitaryBase with crossbow and it ends with the jump off a Cliff as you may have it seen in other Trailers before. As every Year,  it wasn’t allowed to film or capture any of the Footage. Nontheless we would like  you this first sneak peak. Excuse the quality and the wrong angle in the middle of the video, it is getting better at the end.

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Sorry voor de slechte kwaliteit

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