Barnet Planning Performance Agreement

Barnet Planning Performance Agreement: A Guide to Understanding It

If you`re a resident, landowner, or developer in the London Borough of Barnet, then you might have heard about the Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) in relation to the planning process. In this article, we`ll provide an overview of what a PPA is, why it`s important, and what it means for you.

What is a Planning Performance Agreement?

A PPA is a written agreement between a local authority and a developer, setting out the different stages of the planning process and the timeframe for delivering them. It`s a voluntary agreement that outlines the responsibilities of both parties and helps to ensure that the planning process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Why Is a PPA Important?

A PPA is an important tool for developers and local authorities alike. For developers, it provides clarity and certainty as to the planning process, which can help to reduce the time and costs associated with the planning process. For local authorities, it ensures that the planning process is managed effectively, with clear guidelines for the developer to follow.

What Does a PPA Cover?

A PPA typically covers the following stages of the planning process:

1. Pre-application: This includes initial discussions with the local authority and the submission of the pre-application advice request.

2. Submission of the planning application: This is the formal submission of the planning application, including the provision of any supplementary documents.

3. Validation of the planning application: This stage involves the local authority checking that the application is complete and includes all the necessary information.

4. Consultation: This stage involves a consultation with relevant stakeholders, such as residents and community groups.

5. Decision making: This is the stage where the local authority makes a decision on the planning application.

6. Post-decision: This stage includes any conditions or obligations placed on the development, such as the provision of affordable housing.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you`re a developer looking to submit a planning application in the London Borough of Barnet, then a PPA can provide you with a clear and predictable planning process. It can help you to reduce the time and costs associated with the planning process and provides greater certainty as to the outcome.

For residents and community groups, a PPA can also provide greater clarity as to the planning process and allows for greater participation in the process. It also helps to ensure that any concerns or issues are addressed as part of the planning process.

Overall, the Barnet Planning Performance Agreement is an important tool for managing the planning process within the borough. If you`re considering submitting a planning application in Barnet, then it`s worth considering entering into a PPA with the local authority.

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